KAT Booster 2012 (Strap Mounted)

In 2012 Nigel Knight (of Knight Audio Technology, KAT) built Brian a new booster which was optimised to work with his Sennheiser wireless system (which he uses live). This particular booster was built at the same time as Brian's and is slightly different to the production models.
Greg Fryer - Touring 2005 (Strap Mounted)

In 2011 Nigel Knight (of Knight Audio Technology, KAT) modified four of Brian's strap-mounted Touring boosters to include a power button and an LED power indicator. Nigel also kindly agreed to modify my booster in June 2012. This was the booster that Brian used at the 2012 Olympic Games gig.

Greg Fryer - Touring 2005
Greg Fryer - Touring 2006
Greg Fryer - Deluxe & Guild Booster
Pete Cornish - TB83 Duplex (with Dual ins and outs)
Pete Cornish - TB83 Duplex (Standard)
Pete Cornish - TB83
Pete Cornish - TB83 Extra
Electrolead Novo Classic, JMI Rangesmaster Clone

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