Effects Units
Brian has used: Boss CE1Chorus, New Fox Phaser and the Original Foxx Phaser from the 1970s.
Auto Strobe 590 (a modern version of strobe tuners Brian used) and the Boss TU60 (this was fitted into the Pete Cornish 1982 pedal board).


Pete Cornish Splitter
A mains powered 3 way splitter, each output is isolated and channels 2 and 3 can be phase inverted against the reference channel 1.
Guitar Straps, Transmitters and Boosters
Here is a selection of guitar straps with their full livery.

Fixing The Booster To The Strap

I use three types of Velcro...

1) Sticky Velcro (loop) which is stuck to the underside of the TB and to the back-side of the strap

2) Sticky Velcro (hook) which is stuck to the frontside of the of the strap... this will fix the TB onto the strat

3) Double sided Velcro (hook on one side and loop the other) - For added security I use this Velcro for two straps on the standard sized Fryer boosters (only one on the Fryer strap mounted booster)

Marshall Power Brake (PB100)
A 'necessary evil' for smaller gigs. However, the PB100 is probably the least worst attenuator!
Red Special
Treble Boosters
Cosmos Rocks Rig
Vox AC30
RS Switch Settings
Sound Files
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