Below are some of my Vox AC30s used for my gigging rig and in the studio. Primarily I use a CBS Arbiter 'centre-dry', a Greg Fryer modified TBX for left wet and a Dave Peteresen modifed TBX for the right wet (this is the same configuration Brian used on the Al Murray show performance in 2008). Right is a picture of Brian's AC30s used on the Cosmos Rocks Tour 2008. Only the bottom row are used which contain 2 Fryer modified AC30s and 1 CBS Arbiter amp. However, in 2nd reserve (Pete Malandrone kept a couple of spare Fryer's backstage as 1st reserve) on the second row, there are a couple of Dave Petersen modified TBXs.
1962 JMI
2001 TBX Reissue
Dave Petersen
BM (modified
to DP spec)
1979 CBS-Arbiter
Fryer AC30


See here for Stand-by switch modification (as used on Brian's Arbiter amps).

Red Special
Treble Boosters
Cosmos Rocks Rig
Vox AC30
RS Switch Settings
Sound Files
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