BM Chorus Effects & Comparisons

Sound Files
Boss CE-1 Chorus Under Pressure
One Vision
Brian used a Boss CE-1 for much of his time with Queen. It replaced the Foxx Phaser in many songs (which Brian had used for much of the seventies). The CE-1 was incorporated into the 1982 Pete Cornish board (along with the Fox Phaser).
TC G-FORCE Chorus Under Pressure
One Vision
In more recent times Brian switched over to mainly rack effects units. The TC G-Force effects processor has been used by Brian since 2005 where three were incorporated into the 'Mike Hil'l rig. Brian has one permanently set to chorus
Yamaha 02R Chorus Under Pressure
One Vision
This processor has been included purely for comparison and is not (to my knowledge) used by Brian.

Brian has also used Eventide Chorus units circa 1980/1981.
On the 'Montreal' DVD I would guess that’s the Eventide. I would have two Eventide choruses and each would be completely separately wired. My guitar signal would go three ways: one straight through to the amp and then one to each chorus box. Then the output of each chorus unit goes to a separate amp so no matter how high you turn the effect up, you don’t get any intermodulation between the three. It keeps it very clean even at the highest levels.
[Guitar Player: Renaissance Man - November 2007]