Paget Studio is based in rural Buckinghamshire. Paget is currently based around an 02R (V2) desk fitted with 24 channels of ADAT connectivity and a TC Units mastering/effects card. Most projects are recorded using a PC+Cubase system although other options are available. The studio is mainly used for songwriting, recording and production and the quality of the end result is excellent. For a list of studio equipment and musical equipment click here.

'The Miss England Girls 2011' England Forever (written for 2011Miss England finals, Ryde and Shailer)

'The Miss England Girls 2006' Come on England (written for 2006 Football World Cup, Risk, Ryde and Shailer)

Distant Hope (Risk & Ryde)

I Need You (Risk & Ryde)

Two Sides (Risk & Ryde)

Can We Go On (Risk and Ryde)


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