Acoustically treated control room using RealTraps (Bass Traps) and PrimaAcoustic side wall reflection control.

Mackie HR824
Alesis Monitor 1's
Link 600 Monitors
Acoustic Research Speakers
Senheiser HD 250 II headphones
SPL HDA4 Headphone Distribution Amp
Senheiser emIEM Monitor 300
Alesis Matrox Studio Power-amp 500

Yamaha 02R Ver. 2 fully automated Digital  
  Desk (2xADAT 1xTDIFF Cards) + UNITY 
  TDIFF/ADAT CARD reverb/ Mastering
Soundscape SS810-2
Tascam DA88 (with SY88)
Tascam DA45-HR DAT recorder

Keyboards and Hardware Sound Modules
AKAI S5000 Sampler
Korg Trinity ProX
Korg X3R
Yamaha TG55
RX8, RX21 Drum modules

PC and Data I/F
Millennium Music PC (RME 9632, 3.2GHz Dual Core), Large HP Monitor
MidiMan 8x8 MIDI I/F
MidiMan 4x4 MIDI I/F
Aardvark Sync DA

Steinberg Cubase SX
Steinberg Wavelab
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Akai AkSys
Various Plugins

Groove Tubes GT 1a Valve Mic
RODE NT2000 multi-pattern mic
Sennheiser MDA-421-II
AKG CS1000 Mics (x2)
AKG 1200e Dynamic Mic (x2)
Sure SM58 Mic (x2)
Sure SM57 Mic (x3)
Sure Dynamics (x2)

TLA VP 2051
Focusrite Platinum Voicemater Pro Preamp
Alesis Quadraverbs 1 and 2
Alesis 3060 Compressor
Yamaha EMP700
Yamaha GEP50
Aphex Aural Exciter 104
Antares Autotune ATR-1

Live Sound Equipment
Mackie Thump powered speakers (400W per channel) x 2
Wharfedale Pro EVP-X15PM 15 ” powered monitor.
Wharfedale Pro EVP-X12PM 12 ” powered monitor
Wharfedale Pro EVP-X12M 12” passive monitor
Yamaha MG166CX USB Mixer
Boom stands x6
Straight stand x2
Low level Mic Stand x5
1U Behringer sub-mixer
Tascam SS-R1 solid state player/recorder(+wired remote)

Fender Strat Ultra 91
Fender Strat 2006 (American)
Fender Telecaster JD
Takamenine EN60C Electro-Nylon
Yamaha APX10 Acoustic
Vox S24
Asturious Classical
Cassio MIDI Guitar

Guitar Amplification
GT Soul-o 75 Combo
Messa Boogie Studio 22 Combo
Messa Boogie V-Twin
Marshall JMP1 Pre-Amp
Marshall 9001 Pre-Amp
Marshall 600W Power Amp

Guitar Effects & Related
Arion Stage Tuner
Alesis Quadraverb

Brian May Style Guitars
Andrew Guyton Red Special (#20)
KZ Guitar Works Red Special Pro S/N: 05/02
BMG Super S/N: KZ000003
Greco BM900 (with Perloid scratchplate)
Brian May RS Accoustic (Lakewood Prototype)
BM Mini May (signed by Brian)

Brian May Amplification Rig
Vox AC30 'Greg Fryer' Modified to Brian May specification
Vox AC30 - 1970s Arbiter, Silicon Recitfier, Mustard Caps, Harma Valves
Vox AC30 (Treble Boost Mod.1962, unused channels de-valved, GZ34 rectifier, Mullard valves)
Vox AC30BMS 2008 (modified 1997 TBX - by Dave Peterson)
Vox AC30BM 2006 (modified to Dave Peterson spec.)
Vox AC30 TBX 2002 (unused channels de-valved, GZ34 rectifier)
Vox VBM1 Brian May ‘Deacy’ Amp
Orchestrator Deacy Amp S/N: 1
K.A.T Deacy Replica (and battery simulating PSU).
Marshall Powerbreak (PB-100) attenuator x3

BM Custom 'Mike Hill' RIg
Mike Hill Amp Router
Mike Hill Amp Router stage switch
Mike Hill Mute Switch
Mike Hill GOOTS switch
Mike Hil Loop-switcher
Mike Hill Loop-switcher pedal
Mike Hill Custom Loom
Mike Hil Patch-cables and switch leads
Jim Dunlop DC-R Rack Wah System
Jim Dunlop Wah Pedal
Rocktron Intellifex Multi Effect Unit (XL version) (x2)
TC G-Force Multi Effect Unit (x3)

Korg FC-6 MIDI Controller (x2)
Yamaha MFC MIDI Controller
Monster and Mike Hill Guitar and Amp cables.

Peterson Strobo-Rack (virtual strobe tuner)
Sennheiser EM500 receiver
Sennheiser SK500 transmitter (x2)

Brian May Amplification Rig ctd.
Other BM Pedal Board Equipment
Pete Cornish 3 Way Splitter
Pete Cornish TB83 Duplex Extra
Pete Cornish TB83 Duplex Extra (70's original style BM version)
Pete Cornish TB83 Extra
Pete Cornish TB83
Greg Fryer 2008 Treble Booster Deluxe (Handmade #5)
Greg Fryer Treble Booster Touring (strap-mounted 2005 Spec.)
Greg Fryer Treble Booster Touring (2005 Spec.)
Greg Fryer Treble Booster Touring (2006 US Tour Spec.)
JMI Rangemaster Replica
Guild BM Treble Booster
Novo Classic (Germanium) Treble Booster
Foxx Phaser (orginal 1970's, 2nd issue)
Foxx Phaser (re-issue, modified to replicate 1st issue)
Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
Digitech BM Simulator

Peterson Strobe Tuner R590
Boss TU-60 (PC '82 Pedal Board Version)
Levy & Fender Straps
Guitar stands (8 way, 7 way, 3 way, 2 way and 1 way)
Ebtech Hum Eliminator (2 Channel)

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